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Welcome to the BODY BASICS for life web site. This site has many health and fitness products including a series of books that feature simple healthy habits that every person should follow. We also have many products for back support, neck support, etc.

The first book in the BODY BASICS series provides readers with simple steps to a healthy pain-free life. Beautifully illustrated and suitable for all ages, it identifies poor body habits and clearly demonstrates how to change them. Keep good health and fitness, and control pain management by getting this book.

"Most exercise books aimed at helping your body to become pain-free are so much work that even reading them is painful - Not BODY BASICS.Webb's down-to-earth approach with simple reminders." Marilyn Linton, HEALTH EDITOR, THE TORONTO SUN

Two New Titles Now Available!
- BODY BASICS for breast cancer: Your guide to recovery and continued health!
- Second Edition BODY BASICS for bones: Beat osteoporosis, build better bones!
- Reviewer's Comments on both new books are now available.
- You can order these book at our order products page.


  Healthy Hint*
"Take breaks from long periods of sitting. Simple stretching exercises take barely a minute to perform."

  - Karen Webb

*Not intended as medical advice. All Healthy Hints are from Karen Webb's books.
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